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Started in 2017, Sad Heart Muscle’s biannual Variety Night is a “low pressure, high support” platform for experimental works, works-in-progress and collaboration between artists at all stages of their careers, working across a range of disciplines. See links to some of these artists below. 


Each night is loosely themed, with the hosting is itself a performance that compliments and supports the work of presenters. Themes have ranged from “Table for One” and “Sliding Doors”, to “Yuletide: Pagan Christmas”. 


Home Base for Variety Night is Join the Dots Workshop in Marrickville, but special editions have been held at Down Under Space and 107 Projects. 

If you would like to perform or present something at the next Variety Night (late 2020, TBC) get in touch with Matte Rochford at

Variety Night: Tickets
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