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Big Muscles Sad Heart is a Sydney-based theatre and performance art collective made up of two socialists and one shameless free-marketeer: Caitlin Doyle-Markwick, Sarah Easterman and Matte Rochford (not necessarily in that order). 


Influenced by Brecht, Bodyweather, Bauhaus, boxers, bingo and beauty queens, Big Muscles Sad Heart produces new work that pulls back the curtain on the modern world to expose it for all its heartbreaking and hilarious absurdities.


Since forming in 2017 the trio has written, devised, and produced JobReady (107 Projects, the Old 505, the Royal Exchange), Olympia Olympia! (PACT) and Knowledge Acquisition (The Lockup Gallery). 


Big Muscles Sad Heart also curate and host a biannual Variety Night, a “low pressure, high support” platform for experimental works, works-in-progress and collaboration between artists of all sorts, including Martin del Amo, Brian Fuata, Patricia Hill, Marcus Whale, Sabrina D’Angelo, Alicia Gonzales, the Women’s Auxiliary Choir, Lux Eterna, Greg Shapley and many more. 

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